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AGX Culture

833-249-5627 (833-AGX-JOBS)

Air Ground Xpress promotes a productive work environment that fosters exceptional customer service and employee well-being.

 Our company culture is always evolving, but defined by:

  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Integrity

AGX offers the perfect balance in the workplace of not being too large to know your name but not being too small to provide you with the career tools for success. We are looking for professionals who embrace challenges and appreciate the rewards that will come through the results.

AGX is over 35 years young and has a management staff that is focused on the employee. Our competitive compensation structure, along with our flexible work environment and complete benefit package is second to none. This provides our employees the resources needed to succeed outside of AGX.

Air Ground Xpress Mission Statement

  • Our Mission is to provide the highest quality transportation network through an integrated trucking system.
  • We’re committed to personal service through employee involvement, customized services and continued improvement in technology.
  • Our customers expect considerate, knowledgeable, professional standards from all Air Ground Xpress employees.
  • Quality improvements will ensure our leadership role as the highest quality, cost effective service provider.

Employee Testimonials

AGX is that type of company that, though technically is characterized as a big company with many locations and a large staff, still has that “small company / one big family” feel to it & that’s why I like working here. I can call any terminal and ask for help whether it be needing a few extra drivers or just having a question about a load, and get an answer right away. While you may not know every person in every office, they are still willing to go out of their way to assist you. You don’t experience that “team” atmosphere in many companies, but you definitely do at AGX!


Pittsburgh PA

Air Ground Xpress is a company small enough to value their employees but yet large enough to offer competitive wages and benefits. Being cross trained for every position allows flexibility in scheduling and the ability to work together as a team. The pride of working for a company that services thousands of customers in several different states and recognizes their employees accomplishments goes unmatched.


Morgantown WV